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C. Campbell Pendleton, M.A.

VICE CHAIR | Program Manager

WEB TEAM | Project Manager

Colleen Campbell Pendleton (M.A.; Organizational Communication | she/her/hers) is a qualitative interdisciplinary scholar of Funeral Planning Communication ("FPC"), which broadly details the ways that death care workers interact with the local communities they serve, along with networked organizations within the industry. 


Post-Mortem Studies. The adoption and limitations of livestream, virtual reality, and augmented reality technologies in the funeral industry.


Pre-Mortem/End-of-Life Studies. UX Research & Assistance in Digital Hospice at the University of Colorado Boulder (Department of Information Science) Identity Lab.

Image by Colin Lloyd
C. Campbell Pendleton

Role Statements

Vice Chair, Nonprofit Program Manager

“As the Vice Chair and Nonprofit Program Manager, my aim is to facilitate needed discussions within our organization that create a collaborative, sustainable, progressive, and an accessible environment for all. My aim in establishing internal communication policies for our organization is to move us in the direction of equitable and humane organizing, with attention and centering of scholars at the margins. Essentially, my job/org role is to create space, procedures, and time for all to talk about their unique experiences in end-of-life and death research."

Web Team Project Manager

"I provide expertise in SEO, analytics, workflow management, and volunteer coordination. I optimize digital projects for visibility and engagement, streamline workflows for efficiency, and coordinate volunteer efforts for impactful results."

Organizational Vision

"My goal is to establish a network of meaningful relationships and opportunities for scholars who are often 'sidelined' for their death-centered work. I deeply believe in this community and our ability to create a robust body of research together."

General Duties
& Responsibilities:

Vice Chair, Internal Policy Management:​

  • Plans and co-hosts quarterly Zoom Community Meetings for the 200+ End-of-Life and Death Scholar Members

  • Plans and co-hosts bi-monthly Executive Board Meetings

  • Manages internal policies, documentation, and record-keeping

  • Manages internal communications between the Executive Board, Advisory Board, and Web Team

  • Onboards and off-boards leadership team

  • Plans and executes membership recruitment drives with the Executive Board

  • Coordinates collaborative research teams in end-of-life, death, and bereavement topical areas

Web Team Program Manager:

  • Provides ongoing web management and digital data/record-keeping in tandem with the End-of-Life and Death Scholars Web Team

  • Provides workflow management and internal communications across the Web Team

  • Provides general online event and program planning 

  • Provides website and accessibility procedures (based on UXR - user experience research)

  • Manages ADA-compliant digital materials

Lecturing and Teaching Information

University of Colorado Boulder, Past Courses Taught

  • COMM 1210: Perspectives on Human Communication

  • COMM 2400: Discourse, Culture, and Identities

  • COMM 3210: Human Communication Theory

  • COMM 3610: Communication, Technology, and Society

  • COMM 3630: Organizational Communication

Course Development and Subject Matter Expert (SME):

  • Communication, Technology, and Society

  • Discourses in Death and Dying (in development)

  • End of Life and Death in Organizations (in development)

Teaching Formats:

  • On-campus (synchronous)

  • Online (asynchronous)

  • Hybrid


Contact Colleen




Find me at various academic conferences. I'm the one with the toothy grin, big hair, and the badge that says "Death Scholar" on it.

Please say hi and introduce yourself!

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