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About the Nonprofit
End-of-Life Death Scholars


We are a nonprofit organization of communication and communication-adjacent scholars whose research intersects around topics of death, dying, mourning, memorialization, and end-of-life communication. We meet semi-weekly to facilitate connections between scholars whose work is too often siloed by subfield divides to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration and conversation.


Though we have been established as a predominantly United States-centric group of scholars, we are expanding to include international scholarship on communication, death, and dying. We welcome (and strongly encourage) the opportunity to collaborate with international scholars in our working groups.


Our organization is multifaceted. We recognize that death-related scholarship spans a wide range of subfields — this is both our greatest strength and most difficult challenge. 


At a glance:


1. We network, co-edit, and co-write research predominantly in the Communication Studies discipline. Our topics range broadly across end-of-life, death, and grief/bereavement research niches. 


2. We host regular online events for community, collaboration, and public scholarship.


3. We provide a growing repository of academic support on our Resources page.


4. We support professionals in end-of-life and death care as both research partnerships and valued community members.


5. We foster meaningful connection by growing a network of death scholars who can support each other’s research interests and projects. By putting death scholars in conversation with each other, we attempt to establish a community of like-minded and diverse individuals who understand the joys and challenges of doing death and dying research and work and can easily collaborate.


6. We maintain an archive of death-related scholarship produced by communication scholars in years past to facilitate better citational politics and acknowledge our inheritance. By establishing a database of scholarship, we gain a clearer sense of the breadth and depth of scholarly activity surrounding death and dying in the communication discipline.


7. We foster education by collecting and creating educational resources for our colleagues in the classroom and the field of public scholarship to use when teaching about death-related topics in communication contexts. Our educational efforts endeavor to center issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion by identifying areas of high need where marginalized communities and experiences of death, dying, and end-of-life communication have been routinely overlooked to encourage equitable, vernacular, representative, and restorative scholarship efforts.


8. We are constantly involved in establishing and supporting a diverse representation of death-centered scholars at academic conferences, conventions, and events. We are currently petitioning several academic organizations for the establishment of official divisions and interest groups.



To read about our history, as a grassroots organization that transitioned to a formal nonprofit, click the button below:

Topics of Interest

  • Memorialization/Community Memory

  • Indigenous Death and Dying
  • Marginalized Death

  • LGBTQIA+ Issues in Death/Dying

  • Disenfranchised Grief

  • Ambiguous Loss

  • Rhetorics of Death

  • Suicidality

  • Death and Religion

  • Death and Atheism/Humanism

  • Performance Studies; Bereavement, Grief, Dying, and Post-Mortem

  • Necropolitics

  • Palliative Care

  • Hospice Care

  • Funeral

  • Industry/Professionalization/Organization(s)

  • Death Doulas

  • Infant Death and Dying

  • Maternal Mortality

  • Technology and Death

  • Social Media and Death


  • Applied Research

  • Archival Research

  • Trends in Death/Dying - Quantitative Research

  • Ethnography - Qualitative Research

  • Rhetorical Approaches/Criticism - Qualitative Research

  • Autoethnography - Qualitative Research

  • Mixed Methods

  • Critical Research

  • Discourse Analysis


Leadership Team

Read more about our elected board members here:

Values and Vision

Read more about our future plans here:


We welcome new nonprofit members. See the membership portal and benefits here:

If you're looking for the separate membership portal for the National Communication Association's Death & Dying Division, click here:

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