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and Professional Associations

A note on our member's Associations

While End of Life and Death Scholars do not directly sponsor academic associations or membership, a number of our members belong to national and international academic conferences and professional conventions.


List of Member Affiliations

The National Communication Association (NCA)

Many of our members belong to the National Communication Association (NCA). NCA offers a number of resources for communication-specific scholars.

Our members have petitioned for representation for an official interest group, The Death and Dying Division. 

For more information on the creation of a new division, the petition can be accessed here: Death and Dying Division Petition.

For NCA-specific Division information, review NCA's webpage here:

The International Communication Association (ICA)

A large consensus of our organization holds membership through ICA:

The Order of the Good Death

Our post-mortem scholars are committed to The Order's Death Positive Movement.  Find out more here: 

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