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Pardon our dust as we rework the website!

Academic Research Nonprofit

Our primary purposes as a nonprofit include...

1. Education and Translation.
Scholars translate their end-of-life, death, and bereavement research for the general public.

2. Community Service.
Support for communication (and communication-adjacent) scholars as they navigate the precarities of topics related to end-of-life, death, and bereavement.

3. Career Development.
Professional development for end-of-life, death, and bereavement scholars throughout each career stage.

4. Research & Praxis.

Members of the nonprofit produce research that intervenes in policies that impact people experiencing end-of-life, death, and bereavement (grief).

Broad Topic Areas

At a high level, these are our topical areas and niches of scholarship:

What sets us apart from other death-centered nonprofits?

Our research labs produce peer-reviewed studies that help to communicate and shape policy that impact people, related to topical areas in end-of-life, death, and bereavement. We are communication scholars that have a focus on praxis, intervention, navigation, and policy development.


While other groups center theory, and their research is valuable for providing vital human-centered considerations (many of which we reference in our own research), we are focused on world-building and moving toward ethical/humane policy interventions.

We accomplish our research objectives through a lab structure.

Find out more here: Research Labs


We welcome new academic and industry members at all career levels.

Find out more about membership and benefits here:

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