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Frequently Asked Questions

"Where can I find specific pages?"

For information on the content of our website, please visit our site map.

"Who can I talk to?"

For media/news contacts and public statements, please contact our general email:

"Who is the membership coordinator?"

Inquiries by prospective members should be directed to our DIB Chair and HR Coordinator. Communication can be forwarded by the email. 

"How do I know if I'm a good fit for official membership?"

For questions about whether the work you are passionate about would be an applicable fit with our Nonprofit Organization or the NCA Division, please check out our About page and get in touch with us!


"How do I become a member?"

Check out our membership portal.

"How can I collaborate with other members, as a member myself?"

For research and collaboration opportunities, please check out our Collaboration page, which has linked contacts for numerous ways to get involved in collective actions and share your passions with like-minded scholars and practitioners.

"I heard that your nonprofit offers free resources. Where can I find them?"

For resources on all things death and dying, see our Resources tab.

"Are there any refunds on membership?"

Not at this time. You may cancel your membership at any time, but will forfeit your original payment for the year.

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