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Our nonprofit membership portal is currently being reworked and revised in 2024. Please stay tuned for updates on how to get involved. 

All membership inquires may be sent to


1. Nonprofit Research Lab Affiliation 

2. Nonprofit Working Group Affiliation

3. Nonprofit Voting Rights

4. Nonprofit Conference Fees Included

5. Members-Only Discord Chat Channels

Commitments to Members:

  • Our online archives and resources remain free to access for public use. This is a public service initiative by our archival and web teams.

  • We are committed to financial transparency. There are no hidden fees or secret billing in membership plans.

  • Membership includes access to growing within leadership roles in the nonprofit. We highly encourage active and consistent new leadership initiatives. Our organization thrives on new and innovative ideas.

  • We keep our membership fees (extremely) low to accommodate graduate students and early career scholars.

If you're looking for the NCA Division...

All National Communication Association (NCA) division membership is outlined on the NCA Death & Dying Division page. The division has a separate membership portal, managed by NCA's DC headquarters. 

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