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Jessica Cherry

PAST VICE CHAIR (2021-2022)


Jess (Ph.D., anticipated 2024) is a qualitative interpersonal and family communication scholar whose research focuses on the communication surrounding death and dying within both institutional and family settings. Her work seeks to explore how individuals engage in communication about death and dying and the importance of having difficult conversations within families. Additionally, her work explores stigma surrounding the topic as well as the barriers that inhibit communication surrounding deal and dying. Her current and future research includes the exploration of graduate teaching assistants training and experiences with student grief in the classroom. Jess’ goal is to highlight and break down obstacles that inhibit communication surrounding death and dying communication within various contexts.

Outside of academia, Jess enjoys hiking with her dogs Leo and Turbo, finding new restaurants, wineries, or breweries to try, trying out new recipes at home, traveling anywhere possible, reading, playing video games and binge watching her favorite shows. One of her favorite things is spending time with family, including hosting family gatherings and barbequing. 

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