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Maris Westrum


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Maris [she/her/hers] is a journalist, project manager, and University of Colorado Boulder alum living in the Denver area. Her area of specialty is broadcast journalism with several years of experience in crime and violence reporting at Colorado’s FOX31 & Channel 2. Maris also holds awards in digital broadcasting.


As a graduate of the College of Media, Communication, and Information (CMCI) and the College of Arts & Sciences, respectively, Maris brings a wealth of experiences to the Social Media Management position. Along with her background in broadcast journalism, Maris' studies in Anthropology and Archaeology have also contributed to her understanding of death and dying, and how it is portrayed in media. Passionate about leveraging digital platforms to amplify voices and spark meaningful conversations, Maris is a firm believer in the importance of death education and study for living a more fulfilling life. 



Skills & Duties

Social Media Management

  • Posts on behalf of the organization across social media platforms.

  • Monitors user-generated content and comments across social media platforms.

  • Sets the social media agenda, including content creation and organization.


Content Curation

  • Leads the curation of content by the internal Web Team.

  • Provides frameworks, resources, and expectations of the Web Team.

  • Provides current event selections for future research and conversation within the organization.

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