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Melissa Ulven


Melissa is a project manager and a death education enthusiast. She has experience running projects within the natural resources industry, natural food marketing, event planning, and software development. Ulven Coaching is her business for individual project consulting as well as death education classes geared towards providing students with project management-based lessons that encourage them to complete legacy planning now rather than later.

Melissa also serves on the boards for the Cascade Collie Rescue and the Eugene Tea Festival. When she isn't volunteering her time, Melissa can be found hiking, competing in dog sports, writing speculative fiction, and pursuing as many hobbies as humanly possible. She lives in Eugene, Oregon, with her partner, her rough collie, Chena, and a precocious calico tabby named Midge.

My posts are honest and relevant, and are meant to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. I’m here to guide you through the ins and outs of the educational process with stories, tips and insights. I hope to motivate you to become more curious, committed, and joyful in your learning voyage.

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